Map Data Update
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If the installed version is lower than the version below, an update is strongly recommended.

If the installed version is same as the version below, an update is not necessary.

Map Version: 1372

Published Date: Oct 2022

Current Map Version:

Click the "Navigation" icon on the head unit. Click the "i" button on the right and then the "settings" icon at the lower right corner.

In the "Navigation settings" page, click "Map Manager". For details, please refer to point 9 on the "Update Manual"

Data Pack

File Size

  • Basic Data Pack

  • Hong Kong SAR

  • Macau SAR


Download Map

*The above update is only applicable to models with manufacturing year in or after 2020.

For enquiry, please contact our service hotline at 3698 9588.

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Map Copyright: AMAP Software Co., Ltd.

Map Publisher: SinoMaps Press

Map Censorship Code: GS(2022)3775

Map Publishing Code: ISBN 978-7-900906-65-6

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  • 地图版权:高德软件有限公司编制

  • 地图出版:中国地图出版社出版

  • 地图审图号:GS(2021)8623号

  • 地图出版号:ISBN 978-7-900906-58-8

  • 地图发布时间:2022年05月

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  • 在PC端打开任一浏览器,输入大众进口汽车网址:

  • 进入网站后,点击导航栏“售后与支持”-“导航地图”,进入页面后选择您的车型,滑动至底部即可看到地图下载区域。

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